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Finding Your Balance: Mind, Body and Spirit


The Elusive Prince Charming

Cinderella.  Snow White.  Sleeping Beauty.  We’ve all heard the fairytales about these princesses, and the how they all lived happily ever after with their respective Prince Charming.  This guy became the standard that most little girls dreamed of when it came to love and romance.   I, like many other single young women, found myself waiting for my prince to come along.  I even kissed a few frogs along the way hoping they’d turn into that handsome, sensitive, well-built, perfect man who would be the answer to my prayers.

After a series of disappointments that left me questioning my own self-worth, it finally occured to me that I couldn’t find Prince Charming because I didn’t even know what he looked like.  Has ANYBODY ever seen this man before?  I then realized that this ideal man of mine simply didn’t exist. He was just a figment of my imagination; a character in a story that I’d been telling myself over and over again. Then came the harsh truth:  Any relationship built around a fictional character is nothing more than a work of fiction itself.

I didn’t want the fantasy; I wanted what was real.  I sized up my two-dimensional version of Prince Charming and pictured that pretty face, those sparkling straight teeth, a chistled body, and a man who just magically knew what I wanted without me asking, and delivered it all the time….

YUCK!  This fool was totally boring.  He was so NOT the guy I really wanted.  And truth be told, my Single Sisters, he’s not the guy you really want either.

Here’s what I like to call MR. REAL:   He’s the guy who makes you laugh when you feel like crying.  He may not hang on your every word, but he hears what is most important.  He doesn’t have the perfect body and may not even be pretty, but there’s something about his swagger that makes you look every time he comes around.  He loves God; he loves his mother, and he appreciates a woman’s worth.  He may not KNOW everything you want, but he CARES enough to find out.  This guy is not the man of your dreams; he’s the guy who wants to be there when you wake up- seeing you in your doo rag, dragon breath and all.

Since every woman has her own version of Mr. Real, the rest of the description is for you to fill in.  But remember, he’s got to be real- no more fairytales, okay?

Love to you, and as always, enjoy the balance of your day!