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Finding Your Balance: Mind, Body and Spirit

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Exit Stage Right

th[1]I once heard an actor say “Knowing how to exit the stage is just as important as entering the stage.”  I never fully understood that statement until I had to make an exit myself.

Case in point: After nearly two decades in radio broadcasting, I found myself unemployed during the Recession of 2009.  My replacement: an automated jukebox and a syndicated talk show.

Needless to say, I was pissed.  More than that, I was hurt by how all those years of service (not to mention blood, sweat and tears) were so easily cast aside by people I considered to be friends. My invitation to leave the company was sent via email.  So much for friendship.

As I walked into my former employer’s office for my exit interview, I had my game face on and was ready to do battle if necessary. I listened as he explained the company’s financial woes and how wonderful an employee I was and how he just knew I would find a better job (which I did), and that I was to vacate my office by the end of the week.

I sat there thinking how best to respond to this back-handed compliment. Should I clown, curse, cry or scream?  Should I calmly leave all while plotting my revenge to blow up the place?  Both seemed like good ideas at the time, but thank God I knew better.

In the midst of it all, I remembered that how you leave a job can have a huge impact on your future. Sure, I could have caused a major scene but in the end, I’d still be unemployed or even worse, thrown in a jail cell with somebody named Big Sal. Also, news of workplace drama travels fast so you have to consider how your retaliation might keep you from landing another job.

It’s important to remember that we have a choice to play the victim or the victor, and I chose to be victorious. It wasn’t easy though.  My co-workers whispered and questioned; my bosses were cautious, especially when I thanked them for the opportunity to work with them (there were some good times). But I was determined to redeemed my time by being the consummate professional. My goal had always been to leave the place in a better state than when I found it, and I was determined to walk away with a good reputation. Besides, you never know when you’ll cross paths with these  people again.

So if you find yourself in a similar situation, remember the actor on stage: when it’s time for your final curtain, take a bow, thank the audience and exit the stage with your head held high. But don’t go far. Your next act is about to begin.

Love to you, and enjoy the balance of your day.



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More Than Enough

more_more_more_main_a2“You’re not smart enough. You’re not talented enough. You’re not cute enough.”  These are often the words you hear from that little nagging voice in the back of your mind– just as you are about to take a step of faith in a new direction.  They try to make you think that you don’t have what it takes to succeed.

This method of self-sabotage has stunted the personal and professional growth of so many people, and it always seems to come at a time when you are preparing to move outside your comfort zone.  While many people take heed to these thoughts, many others have been able to stop them dead in their tracks before they ever take root.

How do they do it?  What makes them so special, or what Super Power do they possess that you don’t?

News Flash:  They are no different than you.

Romans 8:37 tells us that “… in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.”

For those who believe, the answer is just that simple.  You either CHOOSE to believe it or you don’t.


You will never move forward in life on a “maybe” and you can’t have both faith and fear.  One has got to take hold in you mind, and your life will show which thought won.

So my Sisters…whether you think YOU CAN or whether you think YOU CAN’T….You’re right.  It’s all matter of what you believe.

I will tell you that any new thing takes practice, and to truly make something a habit, you need to do it for several days.  If this is new thinking for you then I suggest repeating this to yourself as often as you can:


You have it within you to do, be or overcome that thing– whatever it is.  Just don’t stop believing that you are more than enough.

Love to you always, and enjoy the balance of your day!


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2 Timothy 1:7- “For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind…”

We all deal with fear from time to time.  But if God didn’t give us this fear, where did it come from?

When we believe a thing to be true, our minds suddenly make that thing real to us.  That’s where our fears get their power- in our minds and from the thoughts we entertain.

So how do we fight fear?  We first have to recognize it for what it really is.

F.E.A.R. stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.  Our natural minds have a way of magnifying circumstances based on a simple thought.  We have to stop and ask ourselves, “Where did that thought come from?”  Was the thought based on an actual threat or just one you perceived to be a threat?  Let’s face it:  perception becomes reality whether it’s true or not.

Any thought that brings you into a state of fear, anxiety or worry is not of God.  This same God that gave us His Son doesn’t want us to worry, be fearful or be over-concerned about anything.

The word of God often tells us, “Fear not,” “Let not your heart be troubled,” or “Fret not thyself,” but we too easily allow False Evidence Appearing Real to steal our joy.  From now on, let’s agree to call it for what it is– a LIE carefully crafted by Satan to throw us off.  And here’s your weapon: the Sword of the Spirit, which is God’s word.  The next time one of those lies has you feeling crazy, pull out your sword and start swinging!  Speak every scripture that comes to mind to fit your situation until that fearful thought is gone.  Slice that fear into nothing and watch it blow away like the wind.  Remember, the battle is the Lord’s- we just have to show up.

I pray that this has been a help to you.  Let’s keep fighting together, in Jesus’s name!

Until next time, enjoy the balance of your day!


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Hello world!

My name is Andrea Perry and I’m kinda new at this, so bare with me.

What exactly is The Whole You Project?  Glad you asked!  In the past several years, I’ve come to understand that in order to have a happy, healthy and satisfied life, you’ve gotta find the right balance of three essential aspects of the human experience:  the mind, the body and the spirit (or whatever you choose to call it).  For me, this has been a journey that proves you never stop learning. You never stop growing.  You never cease to find little nuggets of wisdom in what once seemed mundane or insignificant.

So here I am…I’m no psych expert or spiritual guru.  I’m just a chick from Chattanooga, TN who is finding that balance for myself.  I want to lend a hand to others along the way who may feel as misplaced as I do from time to time.   Since my professional background is health reporting (radio and TV), I’ll be drawing on my experience to bring you health and wellness information that covers all three areas (mind, body and spirit) as we discover that full, satisfied life together.

That’s my story of the Whole You Project.  Stay tuned and enjoy the balance of you day!